Photographer Alexandra Gibson’s Slaughterhouse Series Expanded in Provocative Live Installation

From Oaxaca to DTLA – Flesh and Fatality Collide in CONSUMPTION

Los Angeles, CA (July 7, 2014) – Photographer Alexandra Gibson pushes the 2-D boundaries of her Slaughterhouse Series with CONSUMPTION, a new exhibition that’s part live installation, part gallery show. Gibson will expand themes of consumption, reality, expiration and sexuality present in works like “Soul Anonymous” (inset below), for example, into a more experiential, sensory realm. The show, curated by Los Angeles-based Artist Muse, will open to ticket buyers on Saturday, September 20th from 7 – 11pm at a DTLA location to be revealed.

In 2008, after the sudden passing of her mother and with the guidance of her mentor, photography legend Mary Ellen Mark, Gibson ventured into a remote Oaxacan slaughterhouse to photograph the production process. “My initial compulsion to find a way to translate the mystery of ‘expiration’ quickly evolved into an opportunity for powerful emotional interaction,” says the Los Angeles native. “It became a project that reached far beyond the journalistic scope of an essay on the production of meat.” Gibson’s background in fine art erotica informed what would become a “sometimes bizarre, sometimes beautiful” meditation on fears and cultural barriers that surround the more raw elements of death.

CONSUMPTION offers participants the rare opportunity to experience Gibson’s body of work within the surreal atmosphere of her collection’s creation. “The erecting of walls, the careful construction of the interior structures, the audio-visual climate—this new installation is the blackest of creative soil, an invitation into a dream,” she explains.
Artist Muse will premier CONSUMPTION as an exclusive, one-night-only event. “Alexandra’s work brings an evocative kind of beauty, a fearlessness, to the idea of death,” says Artist Muse founder and curator Wil Phearson. “She’s a true visionary and we’re thrilled to be working with her on this kind of scale.” Music provided by KCRW. Tickets on sale starting July 14th and can be purchased by calling 1-844-268-7374or by visiting www.artist-muse.com.

For all inquiries, including artist, event and location details, please contact Wil Phearson at (1-844-268-7374 or info@artist-muse.com.