Alexandra Gibson is a photographer with a background in both art photography and journalism. Her images carry a strong sense of personal and editorial narrative with an eye for the surreal. Her most current style represents a cross-fertilization of social realism and erotica. With ten years of darkroom and printing study, Gibson marries the traditions of the photographic art to the digital.

    In 2000 Gibson was commissioned by the Matthew Shepard Foundation to shoot and exhibit a photographic essay exhibition on homeless queer youth. She toured with the exhibition for a year both in USA & Canada educating persons in government, community centers, and galleries on homeless youth issues. In 2001 California Governor Gray Davis used her exhibit as a tool to facilitate the passage of a bill that assisted the transient youth community. In 2002 the Canadian Parliament gave her an award for her humanitarian efforts after members saw her exhibition at ArtsCourt Gallery in Ottawa.
    In 2003 Gibson was hired to shoot and direct a documentary film for the Discovery Network on transgendered teens which aired for years. In 2004 she was hired to shoot and direct a film in collaboration with The United Nations and Global Vision for World Peace to shoot and direct a documentary on The Children of Uganda.

    Gibson's photos have been published in various publications including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stones, Time Out New York, Hollywood Reporter, Frontiers Newsmagazine, Seattle Stranger, Press Tribune, and LA Weekly.

    In 2003 Gibson's photographs were published in the book A Face In The Crowd. In 2008 Gibson published her first book of fine art photography called From The Outside In. In 2011 Gibson was published in Mary Ellen Mark's book on Oaxaca XV.

    She has exhibited in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Her most recent solo exhibitions have been at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles & Skotia Gallery in Culver City. In 2013 Advocate and Gochis Galleries did a 15 year retrospective of her work in their two galleries.

    She has exhibited at
    Advocate & Gochis Galleries, Los Angeles
    Skotia Gallery, Culver City
    Antioch University, Los Angeles
    Manuel Alvaraz Bravo Center, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica
    2nd City Arts Council, Long Beach
    Art Space Inc., Los Angeles
    La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles
    50/50 Grind Gallery, Los Angeles
    West Hollywood Art & Design Walk, Los Angeles
    The Venice Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles
    M.J. Higgins Gallery, Los Angeles
    Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles
    Gallery 835, Los Angeles
    Benham Photography Gallery, Seattle
    ArtsCourt Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
    Denver State University, Denver
    Helen-Pittman Gallery, Detroit
    The California State Capitol, Sacramento
    Capitol Unity Council, Sacramento
    The Advocate Gallery, Los Angeles
    ArtTraffic, Los Angeles
    Stonewall Gallery, Los Angeles
    and The Ed Gould Plaza. Los Angeles