Photographer Notes:
For my birthday one year I had an "Erotic Masquerade" at my dearest friends house. As with all events my friends enjoy indulging in the themes being presented. A photography stage in a cabana with a large mattress covered in velvet black fabrics was laid out under red lighting. The house was dressed in fabrics from one end to the next, one wall projected my photographs, and there was a saint andrews cross set-up in a corner of the exterior setting. My friends carefully selected their masks and erotic outfits. The night of the party we entered a portal that was my attempt at a recreation for real life of a certain tantalizing scene in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut".

This photograph was taken in the middle of this party.
This was taken on a stage of mine but it is the type of stage where things are very relaxed, just part of the party. It is rare that I will direct - rather I will create a scene that has erotic undertones and see what happens and as it often happens - intimate moments are captured.

This photograph is the moment before a kiss peering into the mask of another.

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Masquerade Kiss
Masquerade Kiss