"I met Alexandra in 2008 and one of the first things I noticed while reviewing of her portfolio was that she has a very original vision. Alexandra is a woman of deep personal and artistic integrity...
In her personal work, Alexandra investigates her own relationship to the physical universe - whatever that universe might be. She tells her story through the different people she meets in her own particular world. The people she photographs move through a unique space - sometimes bizarre, sometimes beautiful - always layered with deep psychological undertones."
-Mary Ellen Mark

Alexandra Gibson's photography explores the boundaries of reality, the spiritual world, eroticism, and the beauty found in darkness.
She has exhibited in the United States, France, Mexico, and Canada.
Recent solo exhibitions:
"The Collective Dream" - Silencio in Paris, France
"For Consumption Only" - Skotia Gallery in Culver City, CA
"Retrospect" - a 15 year retrospective of Gibson's work, at the two galleries of Advocate & Gochis Galleries in Los Angeles, CA.

International Photography Award 2018 Winner: Honorable Mention
International Photography Award 2015 Winner: Honorable Mention
California On Locations Awards 2017: Location Manager of The Year
The Emmy Awards 2017, 2016, and 2013: Certificate for Contributions