In darkness we find our truest light.

A series of fine art photographs focused on the idea that our souls are the intangible breath of life that allow us to share in The Collective Dream Photographed in 16 countries in 7 years. The sacred is found in each environment by obscuring the immediate personality of the subject to elevate the visual dialogue between spirit and terrain. The Collective Dream Series enunciates and underlines themes of spirituality, taboo, and sexuality.

In a current world obsessed with identity, Gibson reminds us of the importance of unity through community and the essential necessity of connecting to our souls. In today’s world war and bigotry press on the values of our time. This series invites people to come together to create an inclusive world by reminding us that we are all having a collective experience on a soul level. The images remove identity with the use of masks so that a conversation about the dream of souls can be had while giving the viewer the opportunity to consume more openly.