PORTFOLIOS > NOCTURNAL (works from 2001-2013)

"I met Alexandra in 2008 and one of the first things I noticed while reviewing of her portfolio was that she has a very original vision. Alexandra is a woman of deep personal and artistic integrity...
In her personal work, Alexandra investigates her own relationship to the physical universe - whatever that universe might be. She tells her story through the different people she meets in her own particular world. The people she photographs move through a unique space - sometimes bizarre, sometimes beautiful - always layered with deep psychological undertones."
-Mary Ellen Mark

Before everyone had a camera phone in their pockets and an Instagram addiction - Gibson took her camera into gritty bars, loud nightclubs, underground parties, burlesque stages, cirque tents, and nocturnal festivals to find her subjects. There was a unique spirit of the night that Gibson loved to capture when no one else was.

Photographs from 2001-2013